Suntree Center - School for Seniors

Leola B. at her new school!

What is School for Seniors?

  • SFS provides classes and activities for older adults at a licensed facility in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • We approach care through an educational program with a unique curriculum.
  • SFS is part of an adult day health program that emphasizes senior care, education, communication and community. We have an on-site nurse who helps provide directed, personal and supervisory care.
  • We serve a maximum of 40 participants daily to maintain an intimate care setting. Classes are conducted in smaller groups.

Transportation and Meals

Transportation can be arranged or can be provided by family caregivers. Meals and snacks are provided during the day.


We offer a budget-friendly tuition on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Services are covered under most long term care insurance plans.

Placemat users connecting with each other through activities

Different generations share their experiences

Every placemat features a food with details on its health benefit