Our Mission

What We Stand For

Our mission at School For Seniors Nonprofit Organization is to elevate the quality of life of adults with activities that support their Purpose, Engagement and Socialization (PES).

SFS is committed to working with care providers – whether inside or outside the family –  to combat isolation. 

We aim to broaden the expectations of learning in older adults. We recognize their wisdom and experience. 

We value their ability to thrive regardless of cognitive issues or physical and health challenges. Participation in activities is critical.


Education to us is about PES (pronounced pez) – Purpose, Engagement, Socialization.

We believe that activities for older adults should not just meet basic needs (food, shelter, water) but also include sharing their stories and forming connections with those around them.

At School For Seniors, younger generations and older adults collaborate to create an environment where we learn and thrive together.

For more information, please contact us at info@SchoolForSeniors.org